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Base Pricing

$4500Per Gme
  • Within 25km of goaltender
  • 2-hour cancellation notice
  • Single Game (approx. 1 Hour)


$Quoted Priceper game
  • Greater than 25km from goaltender
  • Scheduled less than 3-hours before game time
  • Tournament Play Request
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PuckStoppers.ca It’s a Commitment to the game

At Puckstoppers.ca we are committed to providing quality goaltending in your teams time of need. While we cannot guarantee wins, we believe in matching the right goalies with all requests. Skill levels and experience is considered based on the division or league level of the requesting team.

  • Committed to doing our best to find you a suitable match

  • Committed to responding to all requests in a timely manner

  • Committed to fair treatment and pricing

Our Commitment
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Meet The Team

Take a second to meet some of the roster at PuckStoppers.ca.

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A Team of Passionate Individuals

The goalies at puckstoppers.ca are passionate about the game and do their best to provide A-class service to all teams.

We Strive to Meet your Level Requests. But please remember, Cold Games can Happen… Even to the Best of us

Puckstoppers.ca is committed to trying our best to provide the right goalie for the request. However, please remember that we can all have a bad game or off-night. Feel free to reach out by email if you believe it to be more than just a bad game and to discuss any issues.

Provide own Transportation

All the goalies at puckstoppers.ca provide their own transportation to and from games. Because of this, pricing may fluctuate slightly to account for gas prices.

Timely Response and scheduling

Puckstopppers.ca is committed to responding to all requests in a professional and timely manner. Email requests will be read and quotes made as soon as possible by a member of the team.

*Premium pricing applies to requests made less than 3-hours before game time
**2-hour cancellation notice required for full refund.

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